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First All Women's


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Welcome to The Wonders of Women Museum, in its acronym form 

shall be known as The W.O.W. Museum.


The mission of The Wonders of Women Museum is to educate, inform society on women's historical achievements and contributions to the arts. To inspire communities in the area to overcome the odds.


W.O.W. will provide a resource to underprivileged communities. To encourage creative expression. Offering visual examples of successful women. Through the use of historical female role models, that have persevered against all odds.

Through the arts, we are able to use a language that is familiar to everyone. Through creative education, we can inspire our underprivileged Children's Communities. To beautify the surrounding communities, create goals and communicate that through unity anything is possible. It is the W.O.W. Museum's goal to use historical examples and skill building opportunities to demonstrate that our accomplishments can be limitless, as is shown throughout history by powerful women.


Through art education, we will empower young women. Also men to value women in history and their valuable contributions. Highlighting past works and present achievements in the arts. Including areas of scientific, historical, astronomical and cultural life. By honoring these female pioneers, we can bring true equality to the present. Looking onward to a promising future for all.

The W.O.W. Museum will promote, education of the arts and community service through art. We will offer networking events for entrepreneurs from all ethnicities and backgrounds. To encourage inclusivity, expand networks and bring a sense of unity among communities.

Let's encourage women to strive for greatness. Surpassing self limitations and those imposed by society.  This can be achieved by, learning from history.  Opening your mind and creativity to new and undiscovered horizons.

May this Inspire you, to be part of our journey. Join our commitment to women. Our love of the arts. So you too can become a "Limitless Wonder".

The Wonders of Women Museum


Wonders of Women