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Welcome Artists,

     We invite you to make History and be a part of the first All Women’s Museum and Art Gallery in the city of Houston.

    When we first decided to start W.O.W., The Wonders of Women Museum.

Tamara and I agreed to never charge an Artist a fee. For giving them exposure and featuring them on our website.

    As a nonprofit organization. Advocates of  all women’s rights, we want to encourage, support and give women a chance to express them selves freely.


    Let the extraordinary woman artist within come out and be known to the world through The Wonders of Women Museum.


    We want to bring Art to the rural surrounding communities and one day the world.


    We want to inspire young girls through our featured artists.

To achieve and do great things as an Artist or whatever they may choose to be in life.


    In order to continue our mission for years to come. We will not NOW or EVER charge a single Female Artist the chance to be known.


    If you allow us to feature you on our website. You will automatically be placed on the waiting list.

To have your work exhibited at the Riveter Exhibition and a soon to be announced event ART Moves the World!


Your artwork will also be exhibited at no cost to you at both Events.


    In order to be featured on our website and Instagram page The WOW Gallery .   Please read Rules.   


    We will continuously be adding Artists till we reach our goal of 300 Female Artists.



1. Artwork may not have any depiction of morbid, violent, hateful message towards any sentient being. Or any sexual, derogatory content or suggestive material.

2. Artists may submit Artwork that has the following:

A. Breasts

B. Nipples

C. Breastfeeding

D. Pregnant

E. Buttocks (exterior only)

F. Vagina (exterior only)


3. Artwork that is not done by you may not be submitted by you.  

We require the following from you to be featured.


1. A 250 to 500-word Bio of you (cut and paste version) and so it will be

easier on us to place you on the website.

  • (Please put your full name if you have an Artistic name place it in parentheses)


2. A Photograph of you (With or without your Artwork)


3. Photographs of your artworks against a clean solid color back round.  (Only your Artworks)


  • Must submit 12 in total.    Minimum 10 for Instagram and Maximum 12 for the Website.

  • No repetitions or different versions of the same artwork, each one must be different and unique.

  • Please include Title and Size of each Artwork

  • We may choose a different Artwork(s) from the once you have chosen, either from your website or Social-media if we feel they may call more attention to you.


4. Social Media information (if you have one)


5. Website (if you have one)


6. Phone Number (Will be posted unless you tell us not to)


7. Birthday  Month/Year (Will not be posted)


8. Do you give us permission to post your information and Art on The Wonders of Women Museum website and Instagram page The WOW Gallery?

9. Message us at this link Connect to WOW and then Follow or Like us.

10. Follow or Like:  The WOW Museum  and  The WOW Gallery  on All  Social Media Platforms or on the ones you have.

We will then email you all the requirements that you just read here.

We will be following you, on your social media platform as soon as you've been posted on Instagram and on our website.


We truly are excited to have you be part of The Wonders of Women Museum & Gallery.


We are looking forward to reading your response. 


Many Blessings Always and Thank You.




Nelson and Tamara


The Wonders of Women Museum


Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter: TheWOWMuseum

 Instagram: TheWOWGallery





* Please be patient.    We will be working as quickly as possible in 

   adding Artists.

* Please send a Text when you have sent all your information.

   The following number 1 (713) 320 - 2250 is also our WhatsApp.


             (When sending a Text include)

1. Your Full Name

2. Email 

3. Website or Instagram