Benefits of the Event

  1. 4000 to 6000 guests coming and going throughout the day, 

  2. The event is from 10 AM - 7 PM  a total of 9 Hours of Promoting your 

     product and selling it to the potential customer, 

 3. Air-Conditioned Facility, 

 4. Electrical Outlets, 

 5. 10 x 10 Tent provided at no cost to you, 

 6. Signage of you business on the front of your tent, 

 7. Your businesses name on the guests brochures and map,

 8. Your business name on the walk in display,

 9. Your business name on The W.O.W. Museum's Vendors page with link

     to your business website, 

 10. Being part of a Historical Moment as we announce and begin to work 

       on raising funds to open an All Women's Museum in Houston Texas, and 

 11. Pride Joy and Excitement that you will be able to say you were there first        hand in making history happen!  


Rosie the Riveter