Tamara Ayon



Vice - President


Grant  Submissions Writter


    This is not a resume of my work history and accomplishments. You may use Linkedin to find them. This story is an intimate tale of who I am.  Where I come from and why I joined this organization. 


    My life story begins on an Army base in Berlin an in 1978. Dad was a soldier when the Berlin Wall stood tall and concrete divided two worlds.


    My parents grand love story was unique in many ways, interfaith and international. So much of my young formative years were spent with a suitcase in my hands.


    My father is a Jewish boy from Brooklyn. Mother (may she RIP) was an Irish beauty from Pittsburgh. My Dad wore the uniform, but my mother was the soldier, carrying three young girls across continents and teaching us to start over, and over again.


    Childhood becomes a bit of blur when you are a young military brat. There is no one place I can call home. No one building that carries cherished memories I can return to. The only constant is knowing that wherever I went. I wasn't going to be staying long.


    Our family finally settled down in sunny south Florida to care for my Grandmother after my Grandfather. A place I still call home and that is where my story took shape. Surrounded by the ocean and the noise of busy streets. The stress of working, care giving parents, and older siblings, one who battles autoimmune diseases. I learned to survive, to advocate for others, to love and to breath.


    Creativity was an escape for me. A book took me on a vacation. My working class family couldn't afford. Creating music became a place I could be honest about everything. Art galleries and museums were a place I could find kindred spirits, explorers of the heart and mind.


    My older sister taught me to love literature and writing. She was the second eldest. Having a passion for performance and music. Creativity is a passion for our family. Mother put such a strong value upon it growing up. My personal story is complicated; its full of trials and tribulations, sadness, divorce, the weight and joy of care giving and the fight for health and survival.


    It probably looks a lot like yours. Both imperfect and beautiful. The most important part of my story is that I am a mother. Like my mother a nurturer who wants to create a free thinking, kind, caring and beautiful world. For my daughter. One full of color, art, music and possibility. 

Thank You for taking the time to read my story.

Many Blessings Always

Tamara Ayon