It all started with a frantic phone call.

Nelson was smack in the middle of curating an art show

fundraiser. In one of the premier art districts in the

world, the Wynwood Walls Miami. His close friend and

original partner. Decided to follow her heart across

continents and abandon their project, leaving him only a phone

number and name of a mutual friend. They had not met in person yet.

UP to this point, only hearing many colorful stories of.

    Staring at his phone Covered in paint. Now completely disappointed and aggravated by her departure. In the middle of the gallery floor at midnight. He decided to make the call. the worst thing this stranger could say was no. The gamble was about to pay off.


    Tammy answered the phone to a panicked but familiar stranger. Whom she knew of but never met. She swiftly took the place of the exiting friend. Saving the event and Nelson from a possible disaster. Of never getting off the ground. A lover of the arts and former gallery manager she knew the undertaking Nelson was taking was no small task. 


    She threw on her boots. Called another friend and took the one hour drive down to Miami. To help in any way she could.

    They met, they laughed and became fast friends. they worked tirelessly to put together a successful show. 

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