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Dear Guests and Artist,

    Welcome to the W.O.W. Gallery, here you will find a plethora of Artist from all over the Globe and be able to communicate with each Artist in a personal manner.

    The participating Artists are promoted online for free, through our website, As The Female Artists of W.O.W. and on our Instagram Page TheWOWGallery

    As part of our nonprofit organizations mission, Our objective is to showcase the extraordinary and astounding works of art that these beautiful women have astonishingly created.

    Our vision is to inspire the world of art by moving towards diversification and remediation. Of the historical under representation of non-male and non-white male artists. 

    A recent study has shown that artists in 18 Major US Museums Are 85% White and 87% Male. The study Says American galleries and museums still have a long way to go. In diversifying their collections and as they remain overwhelmingly white and male.

    The study was conducted by a group of mathematicians, statisticians, curators, professors and art historians at Williams College, the American and European Art at Williams College Museum of Art, The African and African American Art at the University of California, Los Angeles.


    In history it is the artists and women who help define the culture of a society, who speak for the voiceless and create a vision for the future.


    I'd like to personally thank Isabela Escobar for informing me of the post done by Flavia Braun and for her posting it from Hyperallergic.

    lets work together to build a future of inclusivity and empowerment. Lets Inspire, motivate and expand our horizons so our young generations can create without limitations.


Lets WOW the world together!

Many Blessings Always

Yours Truly

Nelson Delgado Jr.


The Wonders of Women Museum


Female ARTISTs 



Yvonne Welman


After her education at the academy of arts Tilburg, the Netherlands, she worked for many years as a teacher in arts and art history. To improve her qualities as a painter she took lessons in 16e and 17e centuries oil painting

techniques. She works with open acrylics and oils. The textile fabrics in a lot of the paintings are personal stories. Because she likes to make narrative paintings her work has to be realistic. The stories cover gender equality, social issues, art history and personal issues.

Serendipity, time and technique each play their part during the process of creating the paintings. Because of the time consuming technique it is possible to add another idea during the process. This stands in strong contrast with all the images that we are surrounded with during the day. Most drawings often have less complicated stories and are sometimes made only to celebrate beauty.

Yvonne sees beauty as essential to art because our mind needs beauty to stay alive and vibrant.

Her other activities are: stained glass windows and glass fusion.

She is a member of the artist’s societies NABK  and Beroeps Organisatie Kunstenaars BOK in the Netherlands.  Manhattans International Art on line gallery

A message from the artist

A personal reaction to social issues is the motivation for my work. My most important paintings are based on ideas, social issues and general opinions about art, gender equality and over all generalization in roll patterns. Feelings like frustration, anger or admiration start the process of visualizing my own opinion. I work with open acrylic or oil paint and often with textile fabrics from my personal history.

Time becomes a part of the creation process, which reflects itself in my paintings. The slow process is similar to the endless household chores and female craft like embroidery and knitting. It’s the opposite of the superficial pictures we are surrounded with every day.
Instagram: yvonnewelmanart

FaceBook: yvonnewelmanart

Acrylic, Fineliner, Embroidery on Canvas  140 x 140 cm, (55 x 55 inch)"Since Leucippos people are da

"Since Leucippos people are damaged everywhere by lust and power"

2015; Acrylic and Fabric on Canvas; 147,5 x 150 cm, (58.27 x 59.6 inch).

"Comment on Klimt - Chrisine Lagarde, Jung Chang, Lita Cabellut, Maryam Mirzakhani, Y.J.A. Welman, Khandro Rimpoche, Alice Coltrane"

Acrylic, 150 x 150 cm

"Kingpin (Apenrots)"

2014; Oilpaint, Thread and Needle on Canvas, 80 x 60 cm, (31.5 x 23.6 inch).

"Living Craft 1 - Rachel Ruysch"


2014; Oilpaint on Canvas, 80 x 60 cm, (31.5 x 23.6 inch).

"Living Craft 2 - Maria Van Oosterwijck"

2013; Acrylic on Canvas, 130 x 95 cm, (51.2 x 37.4 inch).

"My Parents Daughter & Hyper Cube"


1. Left Top: 'Ebke, Puppy Guiddog' 2. Right Top: 'Amalia Predestinated' 3. Bottom Left: 'Beatrix Regina' 4. Bottom Right: Unnamed


Top Left to Right: Hortensia 2, Alles gaat voorbij, Begonia Middle Left to Right: 'Violets', My Still Life 2', 'Begonia' Bottom Left to Right: Unnamed, 'My Still Life 3', 'Iris'

2014; Acrylic on Board, 85 x 190 cm, (74.8 x 33.5 inch).

"Ideal Beauty"

2015; Acrylic on Canvas, 80 x 120 cm, (31.5 x 27.24 inch).

"Three Graces"

2016; Acrylic on Canvas, 101 x 67 cm, (39.8 x 26.4 inch).

"Cliche 2 - Ceci n'est pas une Femme"

A. M. Schaer


        is a native Houstonian. Her interest in art dates from child, beginning with the the day she was given a box of crayons as therapy to improve her motor skills. Drawing was one of her favorite activities as a child and still is. She is fascinated by the human figure and draws from life whenever possible.

She has worked in almost every medium except printmaking, and presently concentrates on acrylic, various dry media, and digital art forms. Her current body of work involves both traditional acrylic painting techniques and the hi-tech skills needed to us a CNC laser cutter.


She uses the laser to cut birch plywood into human shaped panels and then paints them in the usual manner. Her latest project involves transferring images from some her paintings onto clothing.

Originally an art major at St. Thomas University, A. M. Schaer transferred to the Glassell School of Art at what would have been her junior year and pursued her art education there.


In 1996 she put her art career on hold while obtaining a degree in professional writing from UHD and pursuing a career in web design.

She returned to fine art full time in 2010. Since then she has had 2 one person shows and her work has been included in numerous juried competitions, such as the Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art and “The Big Show” at Lawndale Art Center.

Instagram: Schaerarts