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For The 



  • Artists the RIVETER Exhibition and Festival RULES are stated below.


  • Once we have Acquired a significant amount of Women Artists featured on our website we will then inform All Artists of the exact location date and time of the event.


  • Artists please take the time to read the RULES,

  • This Event is at no cost to you, just like us promoting you on our website,

  • Your only responsibility is the cost of Shipping to us and from The WOW Museums Home Office in Houston back to you if your Artwork(s) did not sell.






1. Original Artwork only No prints, replicas and or copies of any kind will be accepted,


2. Artwork that is not done by you may not be submitted by you, 


3. Artists send us through email 1 to 6 Artworks you are choosing for the Exhibition.


  • Art Walls may vary in size depending on the space of the chosen location and may allow less than 6 works of Art per artist. We estimate that each Artist will receive depending on artwork an art wall space ranging from a 4 ft (w) x 8 ft (h) to an 8 ft (w) x 8 ft (h) wall space.


  • Therefore, we ask that no Artwork be larger than 7 ft x 7 ft in size.


(Artists if you like, The Artists of WOW Committee to choose for you, send us up to 12 Artworks you have considered for the exhibition and we will review your submissions then choose for you up to 6 pieces)


  • Artists depending on the size of your Artworks, the committee may reduce the amount of pieces you may be able to exhibit  


(The above statement excludes mediums that are in Dance, Music, Performing Arts, Singing and Fashion Design)


  • The following mediums, Dance, Music, Performing Arts, Singing must present up to 3 pre-recorded performances


  • Fashion Design 1 Design Illustration and 1 Avant-Garde Garment


  • All Artists must confirm their participation as soon as you are accepted.

  • The sooner you turn in your piece(s) the sooner we can PROMOTE YOU


4. All Artists must turn in works of Art no later than February 29, so you are placed on the invitations and on the website.


  • We need your Art to be placed on the Artists section, with a photo of you, your bio and link from our site to yours.


(Doing all this takes time, the sooner we receive your confirmation the sooner you will be posted on The WOW Museum's site + Social Media and we will also setup a link to your Website and Social Media from The WOW Museums website).


5. Artists it is a requirement that you follow and like The WOW Museum on all media platforms or on just the ones that you the Artist has to participate. The WOW Museum will do the same in return.









6. Artwork may not have any depiction of violence, hateful message towards any Sentient being or any sexual or derogatory content or suggestion(s).


7. The following is permitted, and it's not considered as sexual:

  • Breasts

  • Nipples

  • Breastfeeding

  • Pregnant

  • Buttocks (exterior only)

(Any work(s) of art that show any other body parts not mentioned may be considered but for a more exclusive and private show. This event is catered toward families and young children who may be present).







ARTISTS: All Artwork(s) may be of any size but no larger than 7 ft x 7 ft.


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Photographs may be of any size but no larger than 7 ft x 7 ft. Photographs must be matted + framed, or not matted or framed but presented in an artistic manner


SCULPTORS: Sculptures may be of any dimension.


FASHION DESIGNERS: Fashion Garments (1 Avant-Garde Piece will only be accepted per Designer) Illustration of the garment must be 18” x 24” + Matted and Framed


  • Matt and Frame must be white We suggest IKEA

  • Mannequin or Shadow Boxes will be provided for you


POETS: All written work must be readable by the audience, beginning size 2 ft x 4 ft frame or any size in between but no larger than 7 ft x 7 ft

frame. Must have the written work matted + framed, or not matted or framed but presented in an artistic manner. 






(You will be given the chance to perform solo or in a group


  • Performance Stage: 18 ft (w) x 18 ft (d) x 1 ft (h)


  • Ground Floor Dance Boards: 

         1 to 2  size 18 ft (w) x 18 ft (d) on either side

         (covered surface is Vinyl Flooring)

About Submitted Artwork(s):


8. The WOW Museum and Event(s) are exclusively opened to All Women Artists from around the world.


(This statement excludes The Young Artists of WOW Events, where both girls and boys are eligible to participate).

9. Once your Art has been accepted or chosen, the Artwork you presented must be turned in with the signed documents,


  • Agreement will be sent to you by email

  • Please print and sign

  • A copy of the signed document will be made the day you drop off your Artwork

  • Please bring 4 Business cards for our records


10. Artists The WOW Museum will be representing you, as part of the women’s museum and gallery solely on the 1 through 6 Artwork(s) that you or we have chosen for the exhibition and website.




11. Artists the Artwork(s) that are in the exhibition will stay in custody of The WOW Museum until they are sold either at the RIVETER Event, or auction, and or website.


  • Every year, you will have a chance to exhibit new pieces and this will continue through all RIVETER Events.


  • Approximate time Artwork(s) will be in the custody of The WOW Museum


  • 1 year or until they have been sold. 


(You will be informed as soon as the payment clears, from the buyer and we are about to ship your Artwork(s) to the buyer.  At this time a check will be mailed to you, a signature will be required for you to receive the payment and a tracking # will be provided)

  • All unsold Artwork(s) may be picked up or will be returned on the last week of February

  • Artists outside of Houston, in other states or countries you are solely responsible for the shipping costs of your Artwork(s) to and from The WOW Museum and back to you.



13. Artists all Artwork(s) presented to The WOW Museum and Women’s

Gallery, that we will be exhibiting and be in custody 



  • The WOW Museum and Gallery only acts as a representative of you and those 1 to 6 Artwork(s).


  • If for any reason your art does not sell it will be returned to you.


(We ask all artists to not sell the piece we are representing you with, through any other means, but still leave it on your website with a link to The WOW Museum’s site for potential buyers)


  • A link to your website or social media will be established from WOW’s Website to yours.


  • Even if we do not sell the specific Artwork(s) you have presented to The WOW Museum, guests, clients of WOW will be able to see your other works of art and therefore giving you further exposure.


(Other events during the year may present themselves, where we will be able to exhibit your art and so when that time comes, we will be informing all artists through email and a phone call)


  • Information will be announced Maximum time one-week minimum time 48 hours.




14. Artists you have the right to no longer participate or be part of any event(s) held by The WOW Museum. In you choosing to do this you forfeit your opportunity to be part of the Gallery and Museum once they open.


(You may be reconsidered to participate and if allowed to return, you will then be placed at the end of the waiting list)


  • We want Artists that believe in our cause and who want to make a difference in their communities, societies and the world.



15. All Artists will receive 50% from their presented Artwork(s) after being sold.




16. All Artists will have the opportunity to sell tickets only 1 Artist will be chosen as the winner


(Artists you have no obligation to sell or promote this event. We at The WOW Museum ask that you consider doing this, since you are part of the event and through your announcements and ticket sells more people will know about our mission. Together we can make this event a memorable one and we would be closer to our goal in opening The WOW Museum)


  • Artist will have their name on their ticket,

(This is so we know how many tickets you have sold, and we can determine the winning Artist)


  • Artists will have a link to the ticket sales, for the Eventbrite website and so they can promote and sell if they choose.


Artist with the highest sold tickets at the end of the RIVETER Event will receive:


  • One page spread on the museum’s website

  • Art Supply Gift Card

  • VIP Mega Gift Bag

  • Be Part of the Trio Artist Exhibition 

  • Artists that do not live on the outside of Houston area, in another state or country your prize will be mailed to you.



17. The 3 Artist with the highest raised funds at the end of the Silent Auction, from their sold Artworks will receive:


  • One page spread on the museum’s website

  • Art Supply Gift Card

  • VIP Mega Gift Bag

  • Trio Artist Exhibition

  • Artists that do not live on the outside of Houston area, in another state or country your prize will be mailed to you.


(The Silent Auction will be sporadic beginning in March and ending in December. All year long Artwork(s) will be sold through the website or at other events



18. The participating Artist will exclusively be placed on The WOW Museum's Gallery waiting list, to have a group exhibition with a total of 5 to 6 Artists.


19. All participating Artists will be exhibiting for one month and each month will be a new group of Artists Exhibition.




(The following information is for All participating Artists; The Artists of WOW Committee will be notifying each Artist separately when they have been chosen)


  • Artists you will be asked if you would like your Artwork to be reproduced

  • The prototype and reproduction of your Artwork(s) is at no cost to you.


20. A % of sales from the printed Artwork(s) will be paid to the chosen artists 

  •  The % of sale can only be determined once your Artwork has been chosen. 

  • The specific calculation of material, ink and print time

  • Then the cost to the public will determine the percentage each Artist  and The WOW Museum will make from each sold piece.

  • % yet to be determined + a second agreement will be made apart from the event


(We at WOW like to give you maximum exposure, we believe it will be wonderful to see people walking around with your art on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Book Bags and Shoes. Reproduced in Giclee and prints to be hung in not just one home or establishment but several).

A. M. Schaer


        is a native Houstonian. Her interest in art dates from child, beginning with the the day she was given a box of crayons as therapy to improve her motor skills. Drawing was one of her favorite activities as a child and still is. She is fascinated by the human figure and draws from life whenever possible.

She has worked in almost every medium except printmaking, and presently concentrates on acrylic, various dry media, and digital art forms. Her current body of work involves both traditional acrylic painting techniques and the hi-tech skills needed to us a CNC laser cutter.


She uses the laser to cut birch plywood into human shaped panels and then paints them in the usual manner. Her latest project involves transferring images from some her paintings onto clothing.

Originally an art major at St. Thomas University, A. M. Schaer transferred to the Glassell School of Art at what would have been her junior year and pursued her art education there.


In 1996 she put her art career on hold while obtaining a degree in professional writing from UHD and pursuing a career in web design.

She returned to fine art full time in 2010. Since then she has had 2 one person shows and her work has been included in numerous juried competitions, such as the Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art and “The Big Show” at Lawndale Art Center.